North Coast British Columbia Water Taxi Services

Gateway Shipping is providing 4-12 man, 5 tonne vessels and 20 foot jet propelled boats (all marine vessels are Department of Transportation registered) to serve your water shuttle needs. Ask about our VIP Water Taxi service for the Kitimat area.

Gateway Shipping has received Certified Port Authority recognition.

safe water taxi vessels in kitimat bcOur boat charters and marine transportation service consists of 4-12 man, 5 tonne vessels, that will haul crew and cargo to job sites. Our fleet also consists of 20 foot jet propelled vessels used for projects that require access to rivers or confined areas not accessed by land.

Our marine vessels are Department of Transportation registered and we offer Water Taxi services to and from ships, as well job sites that are either land or water based.

Our Shipping Agency and Water Taxi Shuttles provide full logistics for Global customers in need of support while in Kitimat.

We provide land based lay-down areas for large parcels and all Port Captain service. Our experience involves transfer of either Solids, Liquids or Gas related products. Our employees have all the local knowledge to ensure a flawless, coordinated effort while docked in the Port of Kitimat.

These vessels are used for environment surveys to transport biologists to sites accessed by jet propelled vessels only. Gateway Shipping provides bc water taxi, boat shuttle and marine transportation service for businesses and customers doing work in the Kitimat area and North Coast Region of British Columbia.

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Ask about our VIP Water Taxi service for the Kitimat area.
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